LELE Bricks Raptor Escape


Suggested Age: 6-12
Pieces: 406
Casual Build Time: 2 hours
Brand: Dinosaur World

Following on from my Christmas review of Wilco’s Blox – a truly awful LEGO knock-off – I received a birthday gift of another rival brand. LELE Bricks is a Chinese brand that produces cheaper rip-offs of popular LEGO sets. Their Dinosaur World series bears more than a striking similarity to LEGO’s officially licensed Jurassic World brand, however as far as I can tell this particular set is not a direct rip-off as some of the others are.

I don’t have any box photos for you this time as my set just came in a plastic bag, however the kit contains the pieces to make a raptor enclosure and quad bike. It also includes two minifigures, two velociraptors, a chicken drumstick, a tranquilliser gun and a stick (or spear?) with a blue light on top of it.

Here are some better pictures of what I received:

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