Year of the Rooster

Suggested Age: 7+
Pieces: 161
Casual Build Time: 20 minutes
Brand: LEGO Creator

This was the last of the special sets that I managed to snag during my January trip to London. This one was released over a very limited time to celebrate Chinese New Year, and was only available in the UK to people who spent over a certain amount in the Leicester Square store. It’s now pretty hard to find, but there are some copies available on eBay if you desperately want one to add to your collection.

The set contains all of the pieces required to make the rooster and comes in a nice little presentation box. Included in the set is also a cardboard envelope, designed so that you can also give a gift of money along with the kit as per New Years tradition.

Here’s a better look at what came in the box:

I love the presentation of this set. It makes such a nice little gift and I was really glad that I just happened to visit the store over the New Year period to be able to snag one for myself. The building of the rooster was pretty straightforward, with instructions that were very easy to follow. It was a lot more substantial than the other promotional kits that I’ve made on this blog so far and the only tricky bit was sticking on the eyes.

The finished model is nice and sturdy. The bright colours make it stand out on my shelf and I do rather like the way its presented, with the lovely flowery base. However, this is really designed to be more of a model than a toy. While the set has a few moving parts – including the beak, head, wings, and tail feathers – its legs are not articulated and it is fixed to its stand.

Ultimately, this kit looks nice on my shelf but it doesn’t make much of a toy. If you happen to see it cheap, you might want to snap it up. However, it’s currently selling second hand for quite a lot. If you’re buying for a child there are much better (and less expensive) options out there!


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