Mighty Dinosaurs

Suggested Age: 7-12
Pieces: 174
Casual Build Time: Triceratops & Pterodactyl – 20 minutes / T-Rex – 30 minutes
Dimensions: Triceratops – over 3″ / Pterodactyl – over 1″ x 7″ x 9″ / T-Rex – over 4″
Brand: LEGO Creator

LEGO does a number of different “3-in-1” sets, but this is the first one that’s appealed to me due to my love of dinosaurs. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten my dinosaur fix from a couple of knock-off LEGO kits – Blox and LELE Bricks – and so I jumped at the chance to get hold of an official LEGO version to see just how much better they were.

As the box states, this set contains the instructions and necessary pieces to make the three pictured dinosaurs. It should be noted, however, that this is a rebuild set. This means that you can only create one of these models at a time and need to dismantle and rebuild if you want to try one of the others.

Here are some better pictures of the finished products:

All of the sets are pretty easy to put together, but the biggest challenge came in the dismantling. I was kind of disappointed that this set didn’t come with a brick separator. I was lucky enough to have one to hand from a bigger kit that I’d previously made, but it was weird that a set that is designed to be dismantled didn’t come with one. Without the separator, I think I’d have broken all of my nails trying to get these pieces apart.

Anyhow, the smallest of the three builds is the triceratops. While it does look great, I think its probably the least interesting. While it does boast a flexible tail and legs that are jointed at the hips, the head doesn’t really move at all. It has no hinge in the jaw and the frill prevents it from moving much in any direction. Still, I personally think its the cutest of the three dinosaurs and so it does have that going for it if you intend to display only.

The middle-sized build is the pterodactyl. This is actually a very cool set. I love the clawed feet and multi-jointed wings. While it does look the part, its also a bit limited in its poseability. The legs aren’t articulated well enough to allow it to stand up and the head is just solid. Because of this, it’s my least favourite of the three builds. It doesn’t look that great on my shelf, and the lack of missiles make it less fun to play with than other “flying” sets like my spaceships.

Yet the best of the three builds is definitely the T-Rex. This is actually a really cool toy. It has multiple points of articulation in its legs and tail, allowing it to stand well on its back legs. This is also the only model with a hinged jaw, giving it a far more expressive face and allowing it to devour any hapless minifigures that you might have lying around. The left over pieces also allow you to build a rib cage, to give to a little bit of set dressing.

All in all, this is a great kit for dinosaur fans though I am a bit baffled by the fact that it doesn’t include a brick separator. If you don’t own one of these already, you might want to pick one up at the same time to save your fingernails!


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