Suggested Age: 6-14
Pieces: 45
Casual Build Time: 10 minutes
Brand: Creator

This Narwhal is another promotional set that I managed to snag on my London adventure earlier this year. The set was initially only made available in LEGO Stores as a promotional “monthly build” in January of this year. Surplus ones were then sold off online, but it’s now one that’s not so easy to find as the promotion is long past.

This is going to be a pretty short review, as there isn’t a lot to this set at all. Like some of the other small kits that I’ve posted about previously, the set is just a small polybag kit that only contains the parts needed to construct the narwhal.

The set was very quick and easy to put together, and so even young master builders should have no trouble in constructing it. The instructions are very clear and there aren’t even any stickers to worry about so it makes a good “first kit” for anyone who’s just starting out.

The finished result is recognisable, with its barrel shaped body and protruding modified tooth. The long eyelashes really give it character, and the short fins and tail are nicely poseable. It’s a really cute little kit, but ultimately there isn’t a lot to it. While kids will definitely enjoy building it, I don’t think it has a lot of value as a toy as there is little that you can really do with it.

All in all this was a cute and inexpensive promo item, but doesn’t have a lot of value beyond this. If you weren’t lucky enough to snag one, it’s not really any great loss to your collection.


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