Frodo with Cooking Corner


Suggested Age: 6-12
Pieces: 33
Casual Build Time: 7 mins
Brand: Lord of the Rings

Hello! Just a small review today of the Frodo Baggins polybag. In the UK, this kit was given away as a free gift with The Sun newspaper back in 2012 and it contains the pieces necessary to make Frodo, along with a stove and keg of ale. It also comes with a few extra accessories including a bunch of flowers, a frying pan, a bottle, a chalice and a sausage.

Here’s what came inside the bag:

dsc00014 dsc00015

As you can see, there really isn’t much to this one. This does at least make it very straightforward to make. All the pieces slot together very easily and, even without the instructions, it would be pretty easy to build just by looking at the picture on the front of the bag.


The accessories in kit aren’t anything special but they could easily be integrated into other sets. I think they’d especially work nicely with some parts of the Harry Potter and City ranges. The cooker is probably the best item as there is the most to it. The frying pan doesn’t clip down and so can be easily slid onto the range, which is pretty good for playability.

While the keg looks cute, it’s not the best made of items. The barrel is just balanced on top of the little table and rolls away with the slightest of knocks. As I’m just intending to display this, it’s a bit of a frustration as I can foresee this piece easily getting lost.


The thing that attracted to me about this set the most was the little Frodo figure, which is very cool. He’s dressed in his “Shire” outfit from the first movie and I love the way that his little legs make him a head shorter than a regular sized figure. However, this comes at the expense of his hip joint. Poor Frodo is unable to sit down, which makes him less poseable than your average minifig.

In all, this set is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s very cute but there’s not a lot to it and it lacks some playability for younger master builders. Not the best kit in my collection, but at least it only cost me a couple of pounds!



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