Lance’s Mecha Horse


Suggested Age: 6-12
Pieces: 237
Casual Build Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Dimensions: Mecha Horse – over 5″ x 9″ x 4″ / Turbo Jouster – over 3″ x 9″ x 4″
Brand: Nexo Knights

While I’ve never been tempted by the Nexo Knights series before, I thought I’d give one a try when I heard that some were going to be discontinued soon. Due to its unique appearance and reasonable sale price, I decided to make my first kit from this series the rather nifty Mecha Horse.


The kit comes with all the pieces required to make a Mecha Horse with the ability to transform into a two-wheeled Turbo Jouster. In both forms, it boasts firing flick missiles and Lance’s detachable Nexo lance and shield. The kit also comes with three minifigures – Lance Richmond, Lance Bot and a Flame Thrower – as well as a spear and a crossbow.

Here are some pictures of what came in the box and the building process:

dsc05254 dsc05255 dsc05256 dsc05257 dsc05259

As you can see from the pictures, this was one of those kits that took a long time to take shape. For the longest time, it was really unclear just what it was that I was putting together! It also took a surprisingly long time to put together. Unlike the other small kits I’d made before, this one contained a lot of technic peaces that took a lot of time to click together. Not since I built the AT-AT have I spent so long building the frame of a LEGO set. If you’re not a fan of these kinds of kits, best to avoid this one.

The finished kit is actually rather striking. Here’s what it looks like in Mecha Horse form:

dsc05268 dsc05269 dsc05270 dsc05271

Pretty cool, right? Although its doesn’t have many moving parts (the legs are only really joined at the hips and ankles, it still looks great. Lance and Lance Bot are easy to pose in their respective places and it’s a lot of fun to play around with. I personally think the kit looks best in this form for display purposes, but as a toy it’s best feature is it’s ability to transform into the Turbo Jouster.

dsc05272 dsc05273 dsc05274 dsc05275

The transformation process is really easy to achieve in just a couple of movements and it doesn’t require unclipping any pieces. I was especially pleased to see that you don’t even have to remove the minifigures as it just changes shape around them. Seriously, this is an awesome toy. I love how quickly and completely it changes. It almost looks like a different kit! Kids will really love the fact that they essentially get two vehicles in one!


You also get a nice selection of figures to accompany the mech. You can’t really see in the picture but the Flame Thrower is actually really detailed, with a pattern of scales running all the way down his back and sides. Lance has a lot of character as well. I’m loving his cheeking wink and how his horse head motif features on both his and Lance Bot’s armour. His shield also has a secret additional functionality. Apparently, if you download the Merlock 2.0 App to your smartphone, you can scan it to unlock things in game. I haven’t tried it out but that certainly sounds cool.

All in all, this is a great kit. It took a surprising amount of building, looks fantastic on the shelf and is a brilliant 2-in-1 toy. I’ll definitely be looking out for more kits like this in the future.



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