Doctor Who


Suggested Age: 10+
Pieces: 625
Casual Build Time: 3 hours
Dimensions: TARDIS – over 5″ x 6″ x 2″ / Console Room – over 5″ x 6″ x 8″ / TARDIS with Console Room – over 5″ / 6″ / 9″
Brand: Ideas

This is another one of those kits that I’ve been eyeing up for a while. I’m a huge science-fiction geek and couldn’t resist having the chance to build my own LEGO TARDIS. This kit is modelled around the TARDIS as it appears in 2014 series, celebrating the Doctor and his most recent companion and enemies.


The kit contains all the pieces necessary to make the TARDIS (interior and exterior) and two Daleks. It also includes four minifigures (the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald and a Weeping Angel), as well as two sonic screwdrivers and a fez.

Here are some pictures of what you can find inside the box (and the building process):

dsc05149 dsc05147 dsc05151 dsc05152 dsc05154 dsc05155

As it’s part of the LEGO Ideas range, this kit is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. The bags aren’t numbered and contain a lot of small pieces. To make things even more difficult, virtually all of the pieces are in varying shades of grey and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart. Even the manual is not very helpful in this regard as some of the pieces look very similar (especially the clear, grey and purple studs), so I’d advise using the picture on the box to help you to identify the pieces.

dsc05159 dsc05160 dsc05172

The finished product just looks great. It’s incredibly detailed, with each panel containing a different selection of buttons and switches. There aren’t any stickers in the kit (much to my joy) and so all details look very professional. This kit is fantastic for both display and play. My only issue with regards to the former is that the studs on the floor don’t line up correctly with the panels, therefore it’s not easy to pose the minifigures as though they’re flying the TARDIS.

dsc05162 dsc05161

The best feature of this kit is the fact that the TARDIS exterior detaches from the front of the Console Room and can be folded together to form the iconic police box. This is a really cute idea and the box is still hollow enough to allow one standard minifigure to ride inside. The only thing that I found a little annoying is that the doors of the TARDIS don’t open (the “seam” is on the opposite side). It’s also a little fiddly to open and shut, as several pieces have to be clipped down in order to fix it together. Still, it’s a nice idea and adds another element to this set’s playability.

dsc05163 dsc05171

For a fan of the show, the minifigures are a must have. The little sonic screwdrivers are fantastically detailed and every figure is instantly recognisable. All three of them have fully detailed costumes and all but the Twelfth Doctor have two facial expressions (Peter Capaldi’s Doctor really only needs a grumpy face. The addition of Matt Smith’s fez is very cool but my favourite thing is the Daleks. These were surprisingly complicated to construct but just look perfect. They’re certainly one of the best things in my LEGO collection.

So, in conclusion, this is the perfect kit to buy for a Doctor Who fan. It makes a great toy and an excellent kit for display. However, it isn’t the easiest kit to build. The LEGO Ideas sets tend to be designed for more experienced builders, so a younger LEGO fan may need help from an adult to put it all together.



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