Suggested Age: 12+
Pieces: 695
Casual Build Time: 2 hours
Dimensions: Over 5″ x 6″ x 7″
Brand: Architecture

For my first ever LEGO Architecture kit, I thought I’d chose somewhere I’d visited in real life. Since we went to Paris on holiday this year, the Louvre was an obvious choice. While I’m not generally a huge fan of constructing buildings out of LEGO, I have been curious about the Architecture range for a while as some of the models that the series contains just look spectacular.


In terms of features, the Louvre doesn’t offer much as its designed to be displayed. The kit comes with the pieces needed to build the the Pavillon de l’Horloge, as well as the instantly recognisable Pyramide du Louvre. The instruction manual also contains full colour photographs of the Louvre and facts about its construction in English, French and Spanish.

Here are some photos of what came in the box and the construction process:

DSC05058 DSC05060 DSC05061 DSC05062 DSC05063 DSC05065 DSC05066 DSC05067 DSC05068 DSC05069 DSC05070

All in all, the kit was not as difficult to build as I’d been expecting. On opening the box, I was a bit daunted by the fact that that bags of grey and beige pieces were not numbered and so sometimes a bit of hunting was needed to find the right piece. However, it was no where near as hard to put together as the similarly boxed WALL-E kit.

DSC05074 DSC05075

The most complicated thing about this kit was the clear pieces. Although it’s not obvious in the photos (or on the box) there are actually two colours of clear pieces and I was a little confused as to what went where. It turns out that the clear ones are used for the pyramid, fountain and rear windows while the front windows of the pavilion are smoky grey. Once I’d figured this out, things became a lot simpler.

The finished product was also a little smaller than I was expecting. While it looks impressive, it’s entirely made out of tiny pieces and so doesn’t actually stand very tall. The small pieces make it a little fiddly to put together, therefore people with bigger fingers might have a bit of trouble.

DSC05077 DSC05078

However, the finished product just looks perfect. You really can’t fault the design. Unlike most of the kits that I’ve reviewed, it’s not designed to be a toy. It’s very obviously made for display and will look great on anyone’s shelf, especially if you have a liking of Renaissance French architecture. I don’t have a lot to say about this kit but I was really impressed by the final product. I’ll definitely be buying more from this range in the future.



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