Millennium Falcon


Suggested Age: 9-14
Pieces: 1,329
Casual Build Time: 5 hours
Dimensions: Over 5″ x 18″ x 12″
Brand: Star Wars

Even if you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, you’ll probably recognise Han Solo’s iconic Corellian YT-1300 light freighter, reportedly able to make the Kessel Run in less that 12 parsecs. It’s the most recognisable ship of the series and, ever since I first set eyes on this impressive kit, I’ve been quietly saving up money to get one of my very own.


This version of the Millennium Falcon is based upon the one from The Force Awakens and boasts a massive array of features including a detachable cockpit, rotating top and bottom laser turrets, two spring-loaded shooters and entrance ramp. The inside hides even more secrets with a space for two minifigures to man the guns, a hidden smuggling compartment, seating areas and a detailed hyperdrive.

The set comes with six minifigures and their assorted weapons – Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu Leech and a Kanjiklub Gang Member – as well as a BB-8 Astromech Droid. If you want to see some photos of the build process, read on!

DSC05009 DSC05010 DSC05012 DSC05014 DSC05015 DSC05017 DSC05019 DSC05020 DSC05021

I’ll start by saying that the Millennium Falcon is by far the best Star Wars kit that I’ve built. Although it was almost entirely made of grey pieces and did contain a Hell of a lot of stickers (yet, somehow less than the Audi L8…), it was just so much fun to put together that I wound up making it entirely in one sitting. I think that this was largely because it isn’t symmetrical. The problem with most of the Star Wars kits that they can be very repetitive. Despite its shape, the Millennium Falcon had a lot of unique detail and so didn’t really suffer from this problem.


First, let’s take a look at the inside. The Millennium Falcon is clearly designed to be a toy as it opens up completely. The front panel slides forwards and the rest of the pizza slices open out to make much of the interior accessible. The inside of the Falcon contains some instantly recognisable sets, including the seating area, medical bay and hyperdrive.

DSC05026 DSC05028 DSC05032 DSC05033

This just looks great. There’s so much fine detail! My personal favourite detail is the holochess board but there are also lots of little grids and panels, including a rather impressive computer display in front of a swivelly captains’ chair. For a toy, this is excellent. There’s just so much you can do with it! The only thing that’s kind of annoying is that the ramp and smugglers compartment are both tucked under the segments that don’t open out, making opening them a little tricky.

DSC05031 DSC05029

The turrets were probably my favourite thing, though they are a bit hard to photograph. Basically, there is a tunnel that runs straight down the centre of the ship that contains a little sledge. By fixing two minifigures to the sledge, you can slide them down the middle, as though they’re manning the guns. I don’t know why I like this feature so much but I just find it really, really cool.

DSC05034 DSC05035 DSC05036 DSC05037

With its lid shut, the Millennium Falcon still looks awesome as a model. The top is really detailed and I love how the engines are made with a length of blue tube – it really does look like its glowing. However, the base is less impressive. Even though there is a gun turret here, the base itself is rather flat and undetailed. You also can’t tuck in its legs, so it looks a little funny when in flight. This seems an odd decision and makes me wonder why they decided to give it a second turret at all.

DSC05038 DSC05023

I also have a grudge against the cockpit. While it looks really good, its a pain in the neck to get it on and off. Whenever I tried for pictures, I kept knocking off some of the bricks on the side and having to rebuild. While this isn’t much of a problem if you’re intending to display the model, I expect it would be kind of annoying if you were intending on playing with the set.

DSC05039 DSC05044 DSC05047

Finally, the minifigures. This set has a really great selection, providing a good set of main characters as well as some villains to fight. All of them, even the random Kanjiklub goon, are instantly recognisable and they come with a great selection of weapons. My personal favourite thing about figures is Chewbacca’s crossbow. This is an improvement over the one with the Tydirium as it now actually fires studs. I was also really glad to finally get a Finn figure. While I’ve managed to get Chewy, Rey and Han from other sets, Finn seems to be more elusive and so it’s great to finally have him in my collection.

So, to conclude, the Millennium Falcon is an expensive set but I felt it was well worth the money. It took a good time to build, has a great selection of figures and boasts a lot of different features. It’s a great addition to my collection and I think it’ll be difficult to top in terms of enjoyment.



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