Deep Sea Starter Set


Suggested Age: 5-12
Pieces: 90
Casual Build Time: 15 minutes
Dimensions: Remote Submarine – 1″ x 3″ x 2″
Brand: City

In preparation for the next large kit that I intend to buy (more on that to follow very soon) I thought I’d grab one of the Starter Sets from the LEGO City range. These are small and inexpensive kits designed to give a taster for the larger sets. There are Starter Sets for a variety of different LEGO City collections but this one is specifically styled around their Deep Sea range.


The kit contains a remote submarine, 3 minifigures, a shark, and a chest filled with treasure. The submarine boasts poseable claws and moving propellers while the minifigures come with a selection of accessories – a camera, a remote control and a crowbar. More pictures can be found below:

DSC04230 DSC04231

The set was incredibly straightforward to construct therefore shouldn’t give much trouble to younger master builders. The instruction manual was always clear and the pieces were easily recognisable from each other. For a kit that only set me back £8.99, I was also massively impressed by the final result:


Seriously, this little set offers more opportunity for imaginative play than some of the large ones that I’ve bought! You’ve got three divers on a mission to find sunken treasure, their remote controlled submarine to do their dangerous work and the angry shark to get in their way! It’s just great. I’ve never been so pleased with such a small LEGO set before. Not only is it a great introductory kit to get for kids before buying any of the big Deep Sea sets, it also offers enough different pieces to feel complete in its own right.

DSC04234 DSC04235

The item that requires the most building is the submarine. While it’s not my favourite part of the set, its undeniably cool. Its grasping claws aren’t articulated like those on a larger set but can still easily grasp tools or the lid of the treasure chest. The chest itself is a little hard to open as you have to dig your nail under the lid but pops open to reveal two gold coins and a ruby. The seaweed surrounding it can also be posed to conceal the chest from the searching divers.


The three figures are hard to fault as they’re fantastically detailed. I love the little snorkels on their masks and their individual facial expressions. Best still was the fact that one of the divers is female. This is always nice to find as the male to female ratio (outside of the ranges that are specifically marketed at girls) has always been a little off. The best item of the lot, however, is the shark. Just look at his angry little face! He’s brilliant! I want to buy more LEGO City kits just to form a shark army.

All in all, I really do recommend this set. It’s a great taste of the things that you can expect from the larger Deep Sea sets and contains a great selection of buildables and figures to play around with.


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