Mini Dumper


Suggested Age: 5-12
Pieces: 45
Casual Build Time: 5 minutes
Brand: City

I’ve got another quick review for you this week. This one is for a LEGO City polybag that I got for free when I purchased a larger kit from Toys R Us in the UK. If you fancy getting one one, be sure to get down to your local branch while stocks last. They were offering a choice between this and something from the LEGO Friends range.

Anyhow, to the set:


The kit included pieces to make one minifigure, the dump truck and a little barrier. It also included three tools – a pneumatic drill, a broom and a shovel. Everything in this set was very simple to put together and so master builders of all ages should have no trouble. The only part that I found to be a little tricky was getting the minifigure to hold the drill as its hands had to be at just the right angle to do so.


The finished set seemed pretty substantial for a freebie and is definitely more fun to play with than the Parrot that I built last month. It would make an excellent stocking filler or first kit for a young child. For someone collecting Lego City kits, it’s also a very nice addition as it gives some extra pieces add to an existing road crew.

DSC04184 DSC04192

The truck itself is by far the best part of this set and I was surprised by just how poseable it was. I just love the fact that you can tilt the shovel to a decent angle to dump out any pieces that it’s carrying. There are also a couple of studs behind the steering wheel to enable you to position the minifigure as the driver.


While it’s not the most imaginative of kits, it’s hard to find fault with it because it’s free. Personally, it was an lot better than I would have expected from a polybag and I was definitely more fun to make and play with than the Parrot was. I would definitely recommend it to any fans of the LEGO City range.


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