Suggested Age: 6-12
Pieces: 43
Casual Build Time: 5 minutes
Brand: Creator

Just a quick review as I got one of these polybags free with a larger purchase at the LEGO store. It’s only a tiny kit though so this is going to be very brief! The kit builds one small parrot with ball-jointed wings and an adjustable tail. You can grab one from any LEGO Brand Shop in the EU, Australia and New Zealand (including online) so long as you spend £25.


The kit was simple and straightforward to make, consisting mainly of large and different coloured pieces that were all very easy to snap together. The leaflet that came with the set was very easy to follow, clearly showing how to make the parrot in only fourteen steps. This makes it a good first kit for a child who’s new to LEGO, giving them a taster of how to go about following instructions before moving onto something bigger.


The finished result is minimalist but instantly recognisable as a parrot. Its bright colours are very appealing and the large eyes give it a lot of character. Although there’s not a lot that can be done with it when built, it’s a cute kit that was still fun to put together. As it was a freebie, I have absolutely no complaints!



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