Ghostbusters Ecto-1


Suggested Age: 10+
Pieces: 508
Casual Build Time: 2 hours
Dimensions: 9″ x 7″ x 2″
Brand: Ideas

It was a difficult choice which kit to build this month but we decided to grab Ecto-1 while we still could as a lot of toy stores in our area seem to have stopped stocking it. The kit was created for the 30th Anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie and comes from the Ideas range – a series of kits that were voted into existence by LEGO enthusiasts. Here’s a look at the back of the box:


The contents of the kit are rather simple, consisting of four minifigures and the car itself. It comes with four proton packs, two walkie-talkies, a trap and a stand to display the figures on. The car has a removable roof to enable the figures to be posed inside it.

Here’s what came inside the box:

DSC03882 DSC03883 DSC03884

Firstly, I feel that I should comment on the instruction manual. This was of particular high quality and also contained facts and quotes about the filming of Ghostbusters, as well as some insight into why this kit was created. I thought that the book alone made a really nice collectible for a fan of the films.

The bags are not numbered which made this kit a little harder to construct that some of the others that I’ve talked about. A lot of the early build time was spent trying to separate out the tiny black pieces that made up the proton packs from everything else. While the instructions are fairly clear and easy to follow, I did have trouble telling the difference between some of the colours of studs – particularly the silver and clear ones – and so found myself referring to the lid of the box frequently to figure out which to use.

However, the constructed vehicle is well worth the effort:


DSC03886 DSC03887 DSC03888DSC03894

Really, what more can I say. It’s just absolutely perfect. The level of detail is incredible, making it instantly recognisable as the modified ambulance from the films. I also liked the fact that the custom license plates and logos on the side were actually printed on so there was no need to add any stickers. From the outside, it looked absolutely spot on. I especially loved the pile of junk on the top. It seemed haphazard when I was putting it together but the end result looks strikingly realistic.


As a model, I have no complaints at all, however the kit has a few problems if you’re buying it as a toy. Ecto-1 has no doors and so the only way to get inside is by removing its roof. This is is pretty easy to do (although it does leave the blue tubing sticking up in the air) but I didn’t think the inside of the car is as impressive as the outside. There is just a steering wheel and a single radar screen. Additionally, Ecto-1 doesn’t have enough room to fit all four minifigures inside. You can only fit in two comfortably (or three at a push) which seems like a bit of a design flaw.

 DSC03890 DSC03891

The minifigs and their props make a welcome addition to any collection. The kit contains the four main characters – Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore – and each are very recognisable. They all have different hair pieces, boiler suits labeled with their initials and unique facial expressions. The props that they have are also spot on. I love the simplicity of the trap and the surprising level of detail on the proton packs. It would have been nice to also get a PKE meter, as Venkman looks a little empty handed, but I appreciate that it would have been hard to recreate this item in miniature form.

All in all, I’m completely in love with this set. While I don’t think it makes the best toy, its level of detail is outstanding and it looks great on my shelf. It makes me excited to see what new kits we’ll get when the new Ghostbusters film is released later this year.


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