Imperial Shuttle Tydirium


Suggested Age: 9-14
Pieces: 937
Casual Build Time: 5 hours
Dimensions: Landing Mode – 11″ x 9″ x 7″ / Flight Mode – 16″ x 9″ x 18″
Brand: Star Wars

When Nick and I first considered this blog, we decided to splash out a little on our first kit so that we could start out with something really impressive. We’ve been eyeing up the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium kit for some time and didn’t need any further excuse to pick one up.


The Imperial Shuttle is one of the most recognisable of the spaceships from the original Star Wars trilogy, most notably appearing in Return of the Jedi from which this kit is based. The kit boasts five minifigs, two spring-loaded missile launchers, movable wings and landing gear, an opening cockpit and a secret access hatch in the base.

Take a look at the images below to see our step by step building progress:

DSC03758DSC03757DSC03759 DSC03761 DSC03765 DSC03768 DSC03770  DSC03783

The Space Shuttle Tydirium wasn’t the most straight-forward kit that I’ve built to date. Some of the instructions were a little unclear in the manual, making it difficult to see where parts connected. This was particularly noticeable when I was attaching the wings and side plates. There were also some parts that were quite stiff and difficult to click into place, therefore a child might need some help in putting this one together.


However, it was well worth the effort. The finished model is just stunning, easily capturing the look of the shuttle from the films. It’s surprisingly heavy and has an impressive wingspan but also stands very firmly on its landing gear without wobbling about. My only minor issues with it are the wings. Firstly, the underside of the wings are a lot less detailed than the top side. While the shuttle looks great with its wings down, when you put them up you can see the underside of the bricks and supports which look a lot less neat.

My other issue is the fact that there is no easy way to pose the model with its wings down. It really could do with some kind of stand so that the wings can be angled downwards, the way that they appear on the box. Otherwise you’re stuck with wings up or posed in the way I have in the picture above.


While the set does make a nice model, I also don’t think that it’s the best kit to give to a child. Not only is it a little tricky to put together but its not great for imaginative play. While it’s nice how the cockpit completely opens up (much sturdier than the similar cockpit of the AT-AT), the inner compartment of the shuttle is very cramped which makes it hard to get the figures in and out. The weight of the finished produce also makes it a little heavy to comfortably play with. I’d recommend Poe Dameron’s X-Wing or the AT-AT for younger Lego fans as they’re a lot more fun to play around with.


As a fan of the films, I was impressed by the selection of minifigs. The two Endor Rebel Troopers are visually different and it was neat to get a Han and Leia in their Endor clothes. I’m not entirely sure what Leia is holding (kind of looks like a pizza) but you also get three blasters and Chewie’s crossbow to pose the figures with. It would have been nice to also get a Luke figure, or perhaps an Imperial pilot for the shuttle, but you can’t have anything.

So, all in all, the kit makes for an incredibly impressive model but I personally think that there are better ones out there for younger fans to play with. It’s certainly going to take pride of place on my Lego shelf though!

Have you made this kit? What did you think?



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